Maria Zelaya Økologisk

She’s back! Vi er glade for å ha fått tak i denne deilige friske økologiske kaffen fra den dyktige dama Maria Dolores Zelaya i Honduras!

We love our new coffee «Maria Dolores» from Honduras! Its a micro-lot and organic certified.

COMSA is a society of coffee growers in the region of Marcala, La Paz, Honduras, that achieving economic, social and environmental objectives, as a strategy for reducing poverty and promoting sustainable development is proposed.



The farmer says:  «There are many reasons to prefer organic coffee to conventional coffee. The organic coffee is grown without using chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. That makes it a healthier than conventional coffee. The environmental component is also important when judging the qualities of organic coffee. To stop using harmful methods for the environment is contributing to reduce the pollution load caused by agriculture. Let us not forget that coffee is for many people a product of everyday nature, so a change of mentality in terms of coffee consumed in a good portion of the world population would bring great benefits to the global ecosystem.

Planting and cultivation of organic coffee has enormous benefits for both environmental preservation and for the preservation of health. The properties of organic coffee does not differ from the health benefits of conventional coffee. In particular, it highlighted its stimulating effects of the central nervous system, in addition to its high content of antioxidants that may slow the aging process.»


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