The arctic surfers of Stadlandet

Far out in the ocean, where the waves and mountains are rising side by side, long white beaches and green fields covers the land and the light is constantly changing, you find the beautiful peninsula called Stadlandet. A remote place where surfers have been travelling for years to seek for a little different, colder surf experience. A place far away from everything, but yet enough to live the life of our dreams.

We are a group of surfers established here, with our families, living our daily lives which is a bit different from everything else. Between checking the surf forecast and feeding our kids, we are dreaming, creating and building up our businesses to make a living. Today our community consist of a variety of entrepreneurs within clothing design, weaving artists, surf shops, local food and now also our first surf cafe among some…

We are also many photographers living here, doing many exciting projects together. A special, creative environment where we are constantly inspired by our surroundings, the light, the surf and each other. This year we are building up a new concept where we host retreats for photographers from all over the world, wanting to inspired others and share our passion. 

Another common passion for all of us, and most neccesary to survive, is great coffee – something we don’t get easy access to around here. But we need to take manners into our own hands and then we came across Jacu. Thanks for making sure we always have the best coffee available – keeping us warm after surf or giving us energy to work. And also for being such a great part of our new consept. 


Bildene er tatt av @camilla_monsen og @lindseyis i AKKA surf huset og i Hoddevik.