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Inspired by a little bird who
believes that only the best is good enough

The Jacu’s story

The jacu bird lives in South America and is known for something quite extraordinary; It flies from coffee plantation to coffee plantation and picks and eats the tastiest coffee cherries.

The fruit makes its way through the bird’s digestive system, and the seeds of the fruit - coffee beans - come out perfectly processed.

These coffee beans are among the most exclusive in the world. This story has inspired us, and the bird has lent its name to our micro-roastery in Ålesund.

Jacu Coffee Roastery

Jacu Coffee Roastery was established in 2011. Like the jacu bird, we pick and roast only the best beans. We look for great plantations, optimal processing, and the roasting profiles which will make the most out of each bean.

We work with passion and patience, and without compromise.

Rich local history

In the early 1900s there were four coffee roasters in Ålesund producing popular brands like Rex, ABW, Salome, PriMocca, Golden, HIG and Viking. Jacu Coffee Roastery is proud to continue this tradition.

We’ve dug up old stories and talked to locals who remember the old roasters. We’re as excited as they are that fresh roasted coffee will once again be a familiar smell in the city’s streets. We have already put Ålesund on the map as one of Europe’s 20 best locations for drinking coffee.

That’s something we’re proud of, and we’re looking forward to showing the world just how good our coffee will be when we’re roasting it ourselves.

Ethical trade

Jacu Coffee Roastery is serious about the ethics of our trade. To ensure that coffee farmers and workers receive proper pay, we prefer to keep contact with and buy directly from farmers, or highly trusted distributors.

Jacu searches for organically grown coffee and chooses environmentally friendly packaging and printing companies.

Coffee is the common man's gold, and like gold, it brings to every person the feeling of luxury and nobility.

Sheik Abd-al-Kadir


Africa is the cradle of humankind and the cradle of what helps humankind get up every morning: coffee. If it was the Sufi mystic Akbar Nooruddi who observed the unusual vitality of birds eating berries from a bush and tried them himself,

the disciple Omar who during his desert exile roasted and boiled beans from the same bush into a “miracle drug” that later made him a saint or the goat-herder Kaldi who observed the energizing effect some certain red berries had on his goats – it all happened in Africa and probably in the region that today is Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is still the top producer of coffee in Africa and together with the high quality coffee we buy from Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi – prepare for many pleasure-filled moments of coffee-happiness.

South America

The word of this new drink spread from Africa into Europe and in 1720 the French naval officer Gabriel-Mathieu Francois D'ceus de Clieu is said to have brought with him some coffee-plants on his journey to Martinique in the Caribbean.

In 1727 the coffee was introduced to Brazil, which today is the world’s largest producer of coffee. The new climate and different soil changed the beans and new varieties developed, such as bourbon and pacamara, also known as “elephant-beans” because of their size.

Depending on the seasons Jacu deliver coffee from Brazil, Honduras, Colombia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Mexico or Peru. Let us show you the diversity of South American coffee!


From the port of Mocha in Yemen it is told that Baba Budan travelled to India with seven coffee beans in his pocket. These seven beans have most definitely multiplied by the millions and spread further east. Today Indonesia is the third largest coffee producing country in the world with India following as number seven.

Some of the worlds most known coffee-names have their origin from this area; like the story of how Mocha-coffee from Yemen got mixed with Java-coffee from Indonesia at port in India, resulting in the now well-known blend of Java Mocha, the world’s most expensive coffee Kopi Luwak processed through the digestive system of the civet-animal or a favourite coffee amongst our grandparents here in Norway: Java Blawan or “Blå Java”.

The production in Asia is very large and at times varying in quality, but speciality coffee is most definitely a growing business.

Seeking perfection

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Seeking perfection

As long as there is coffee in the world, how bad could things be?

Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes

Roasting Process

Finding the roasting profile that brings out the best in that specific bean, how long it should be roasted, and at which temperatures, is a challenge. It’s a process of trial end error until we know we got it right. But it’s rewarding!

Oliver and Gunnar roast our coffee on a roaster from Giesen, a Dutch, family–owned company that has been manufacturing and restoring coffee roasters for about 20 years.


We are a young company and still do all of our own distribution.

Get in touch if you want to try our products!

Product range

In addition to roasting our own coffee we also carry our own line of carefully selected teas.

We can also help you with everything you need to prepare, using a wide variety of techniques - from the traditional to the inventive.

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The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.

Helen Keller

What we want

Much has happened since we started in 2011.

Our goal is now to continue roasting excellent coffee for you, and to further establish ourselves as one of the prime Nordic coffee roasteries.


The future is bright! We are currently establishing our production line in new and more spacious facilities, where we also plan to open a new coffee shop in the not too distant future.

This building is now being remodeled and will also have offices for creative new businesses from our area.

But that's the future. As of now, you are very welcome to visit our small coffee shop where it all started in Løvenvoldgata, Ålesund.

Local community

We are proud of where we are from - a region with a strong tradition for entrepreneurship.

Much of it connected to the sea, but lately we have seen an increasingly broad scope of ideas brought to life.

Our local community is one we are thankful to draw inspiration from, and excited to contribute to. 

Enviromental Concerns

Don’t mess with the environment! We are very serious about potential impact of our activity.

That's why we choose suppliers whom we trust to have a long-term agricultural approach, prioritizing sustainability over short-term profits.

And at home, we seek to minimize waste and emissions from our roasting and the distribution of our products. But still, we always strive to do better!

Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee and just as hard to sleep after.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Gift from the Sea

General Contact

Jacu Coffee Roastery
Parkgata 18 A, 6003 Ålesund

Jacu Coffee Shop
Løvenvoldgata 5, 6003 Ålesund

Jacu Partners

Anne Birte Bjørdal Hanken
CEO and Founding Partner

P: + 47 997 28 802

Oliver Hanken
Coffee Roaster and Partner

P: + 47 990 40 572

Gunnar Lillevold
Coffee Roaster and Partner

P: + 47 924 94 611

Carry Jacu

Would you like Jacu Coffee Roastery to help you get even more satisfied costumers?

We are always interested in dialogue with shops, cafes and restaurants interested in carrying Jacu. Get in touch!


We are currently not looking for franchise partners.

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Please feel free to contact us for access to our webshop:
+47 990 40 572 / +47 997 28 802